The department of "Irrigation and Amelioration" provides productive connections with a production, educating of students and teaching staff, strengthening of material and technical base of department, and also organization of educational-productive practice. A department cooperates with Chirchik-Axangaran subdivision, Research Institute of Irrigation and Water Problems,"УЗГИП", propulsion MODULE of "Uzsuvloyiha". A department set innovative partner relationships with the modern enterprises of speciality: Чирчик-Ахангаранский pool of the irrigational system and Research institute of problems of irrigation and water at Institute of hydrometeorology.

G.Bekmirzaev, candidate of sciences on the program Erasmus Mundus European Union in 2019 in University of Lille, Франция (Universite de Lille). (Leaders: professor Ауддан Baghdad from University of Лилля-1 and М.Khamidov, professor TIIAME) "Development of vegetable plants is in salt soils and terms of drought, influence on photosynthesis and consumption of water" ("Effect" of in salt soils and terms of drought on a height, mineral composition, photosynthesis and water relations of vegetable cultures ") and got a doctorate.

From April 16 to July 14, 2019 the University of Berlin named after Humboldt, Germany, the doctoral candidate J.Ishchanov and assistant I.Urazbaev will participate in the Erasmus + project at the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers and the Berlin University of Humboldt. and increased.

The winner of the Erasmus + Credit Mobility project is the associate professor of the Department of Irrigation and Land Reclamation, the dean of the Department of Irrigation and Land Reclamation B.Sh. Matyakubov From June 25 to July 1, 2019, he conducted a training course on a program in irrigation and engineering and the exchange of experience at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany.

BioWat financed by Department of education and science of Germany (BMBF) will improve the material and technical base of Department of irrigation and Amelioration in a collaboration with Leibniz center for agricultural landscape research: Within the framework of project "Management by resources in salt and subject to stress of drought of irrigational territories of Central Asia for adaptation to the change of climate" a modern high-fidelity digital laboratoryequipment was put. to promote authenticity of results of researches.