Specialties of the Department of Land Reclamation

1. Hydromelioration

2. Melioration and irrigated agriculture

3.Water-saving irrigation technology

4.Use of irrigation systems

5.Effective use of water cadastre and water resources

6. Hydraulics and engineering hydrology

7. Ideal water treatment and management (opened in 2018)

8. Ecological safety in water management (opened in 2018)

Specializations are open in international cooperation

9. Water quality management (opened in 2018)

10. Environmental Protection (Agriculture and Water Management) (opened in 2018)

11. Environmental protection (geographic information systems) Hasanov Sayidzhakhon Zakirjan oglu, who was enrolled in 2017, is currently studying in the Netherlands.

12. Environmental Protection (International Land and Water Management)

13. Environmental protection (remote sensing) (opened in 2018)

14. Environmental protection (land development) (opened in 2018)