There is a club “Evrica” in the department for talented and gifted students, according to the creative possibilities of the students. 32 gifted students have experimental trainings with the teachers in the department.

During thirty seven years the Republican Olympiad on the subject “Hydraulics” is being held every year and the department holds the first position during this time. Institute`s leadership and also, professor A.M.Aripjanov and all the teachers of the department Hydraulics and Hydroinformatics have contributed to this.

In 2006, a master of the department M.Otakhonov got a patent of Intellectual Property Agency by his creature “Spray Pipe”.

Themes of the circle “Evrica”:           

  • Content and history of the course “Hydraulics”. Talking on scientific researches during the last years by the scientists of Uzbekistan.
  • Excursion to the Laboratory of Hydraulics.           
  • Archimedes law and swimming of bodies in liquid.           
  • Regimes of the motion of liquid and main analytical ways of learning them.           
  • Water problem in Uzbekistan and scientific research analysis for their solvation.             
  • Preparation for the Olympiad on Hydraulics. Talking on the tasks "Interesting hydraulics".                      
  • Talking on scientific works in the sphere of Hydraulics and problems in this direction.             
  • Ways of measure of the speed and water waste.             
  • Use of ECM in hydraulic calculations of short pipes.             
  • Liquid motion in non-cylinder pipes.             
  • Use of water energy and application of it in practice.             
  • Checking of alluviums in canals             
  • Determination of the most beneficial section in canals of trapezoidal sections             
  • Hydraulic jump and its calculation             
  • Calculation of energy-efficient constructions. Water-walls and wells.             
  • Determination of the size of reservoirs

Place: Corpus G, Room 419.

Time: Wednesday, 3.00 p.m.

Responsible executives: К.Т.Rakhimov, А.К.Khodjiev, Т.У.Аpakkhujaeva

Contacts: Corpus G, Rooms 402, 417

Tel.: (871) 237-19-71