Head of the department

Sherov Anvar Gulamovich,

Doktor of Technical Sciences, Docent

Tel.: +99871-237-23-57

Email: Sherov63@mail.ru


The department was founded in 1927 and named "Use of Irrigation Systems". The first head of the department was a prominent scientist, a member of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, academician N.Yanyshevsky (1927-1960). In 1941, most of the teachers and assistant-staff, including the heads of the department, were involved in military service. In 1927 professor N.Yanyshevsky created the basis of irrigational melioration and introduced to the countries of the former Union. After the war, during 1961-1970 years, the department was headed by the Winner of the State Prize, professor A.Lyapin. In 1970-1983, the department was managed by an outstanding irrigator, honored worker of science and technics, doctor of technical sciences, professor K.Akhmedov. In the years of water scarcity professor K.Akhmedov introduced a method of alternative water use for irrigational purposes and methods of irrigated agriculture at all levels. These methods are still used with great effects. In 1983-1987 the department was headed by the candidate of technical sciences, Docent P.Arakelov, then in 1987-1989, by the professor of Russian Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Melioration in Novocherkassk, doctor of technical sciences O.Kisarov; and in 1989-1997, doctor of technical sciences, professor B.Serikbaev was appointed as the head of the department. Because of the sharp decrease in teaching load, department was joined to the Department of "Agricultural Hydraulic Melioration", which was headed by the doctor of technical sciences, Honored Scientist of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and Honored Irrigator of Uzbekistan F.Rakhimbaev. Since 1998, the joint-department was ruled by H.Shukurlaev, and then in 1998-2001, doctor of technical sciences, professor F.Baraev. Since December 2001, the department "Exploitation of Irrigation and Drainage Systems" has become independent again; and until 2016 the head of the department was: professor F.Baraev. Since 2016-2018, candidate of technical sciences, docent D.Akhmedjonov was appointed a head of the department. Since 2018, doktor of technical sciences, docent A.G.Sherov is appointed a head of the department. There are 14 states of the teaching staff.

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