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The basics of hydraulic science, hydrostatic power of the pressure of the quit liquid, working out calculations of pressure pipes, meliorative and hydrotechnic installations,  water-fluids, coupling of reaches; hydraulics of hydrotechnic installations and motion of underground water.


Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines

Hydraulic machines, irrigation systems, irrigation, water hydraulic processes in transport, hydrostatic pressure and pressure force, types of liquid motion, flow hydraulic elements, water pipes movement laws, hydraulic resistance and their identification


Water Reservoirs


Hydraulic calculation of hydrotechnic installations, studying the motion of alluvium in the flood of water in the open channels, studying and calculating of events in the cup of reservoirs.


Ecology Processes


Estimation of changes and prediction of consequences, appearing in ecosystem by modeling. The main task of the course is working out recommendations, directed environmental protection on the basis of the results of modeling; explaining the direction of static development and finding the ways of saving equilibrium between nature and humanity.


Hydraulics and


It is a common-disciplinarian course, based on studying hydrotechnic constructions, calculation of filtration through the solid of dam


Hydraulics of Hydrotechnic Structures

Hydroelectric Hydraulic Engineering Hydraulic Engineering

about hydraulic processes and phenomena in structures;

they have accurate knowledge about their hydraulic and filtration calculations is to ensure that


Liquids Mechanics and

Hydraulic Machines

Studies the laws of distribution of forces in liquids and their changing while moving, also their use in hydraulic calculation and projecting of various devices and machines


Liquids Mechanics and Hydraulics

Teaches to find hydrostatic power of the pressure of quit liquid; conduct hydraulic calculation of flood-pipes, meliorative and hydrotechnic constructions.





 Master`s degree


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Open Channels


It includes pressure and non-pressure motion of the liquid in the open channels, uniform and uneven motion, laws of motion, hydraulics of hydrotechnic constructions, practical solvation of these tasks, also history of science and tendencies of the development.


Hydraulics of Groundwater and Structure Filtration

It includes the tasks on calculation of the waste of underground waters, prescribed fast-changing pressure motion of ground waters, prescribed slow-changing non-pressure motion of underground waters, hydrological, hydrogeological and hydraulic parameters of the flood of underground waters, factors, impacting on forming the flood in open courses of the rivers and canals, engineering-hydraulic processes in building and watering the areas; studies peculiarities of balance and regime of underground waters in irrigating lands, hydraulic calculation of hydrotechnic structures.


Scientific-research Work in Hydraulics and Engineering Hydrology


Finding correct constructive economic and ecological salvation of tasks, conducting of calculation in the process of scientific modeling, learning and providing experiments, forming of modern scientific overview of students in the sphere of “Hydraulics and Engineering Geology” on the science “Hydraulics and Scientific-research work in Engineering Hydrology”.


Channel Processes

It gives opportunities to determine and develop channel processes beforehand, to know limited figure significance of medium speed in the process of silting and erosion and levels of enriching of floods with alluvium, to learn appearing processes in channels