There is a Students` Club “Pedagogical Skills” at the Department of "Pedagogy, Psychology and Teaching Methods" for the 2017-2018 academic year and is held every Friday, at 15.00, at Corpus G, Room 211.

Collectively studied topics

  1. Professional competence of a future teacher of professional education.
  2. The importance of foreign servants in developing innovative activities of a vocational education teacher.
  3. The technology of creating Teaching Complexes by module system in professional colleges
  4. Preparation of Vocational Education Teachers for professional colleges of water industry and melioration on the basis of pedagogical integration
  5. Providing educational-methodical and public support to professional colleges.
  6. Integration of science, education and production in the improvement of cooperation in the system of higher and specialized secondary education
  7. Integrative and differentiated approach to future professional education teachers based on their qualitative practices
  8. Formation of upbringing skills of the future vocational education teachers
  9. Developing professional training for future professional trainers based on the "Teacher-Disciple" system.
  10. Improving mutual cooperation to improve the effectiveness of vocational education.
  11. Technology of organization and improvement of methodical work in vocational training
  12. Theoretical training and analysis of vocational education.
  13. Methodology for organizing and documentation of open lessons in special-secondary institutions on the basis of innovative technologies.
  14. Dual education system and its importance.
  15. Innovative approach to organize teacher and student activities in vocational education.
  16. Person-oriented learning technology.
  17. Systematic approach to professional guidance in vocational colleges.
  18. Professional education and its components
  19. Technological approach to the formation of knowledge, skills, and abilities of students to learn within their profession
  20. Actual pedagogical problems of vocational education and measures to overcome them.