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Pedagogy and psychology

The purpose of pedagogy is the formation and development of personal qualities, to equip the younger generation with contemporary pedagogical and practical knowledge and experience. Formation of a comprehensively developed generation, the knowledge and skills of which correspond to all norms and directions.

The objectives of the subject of psychology - the development of psychological knowledge, the formation of skills and experience in the psychology of personality and activity, the study of patterns of communication, mental processes and psychological characteristics.


Professional psychology

Provides students with the knowledge of occupational psychology necessary for their professional activities, provides them with the necessary training and skills.


Psychology of management


The formation of such qualities as purity, cooperation, brotherhood, solidarity, patience, generosity, is essential for the development of competitive personnel.


Education Technologies

The purpose of educational technologies is to introduce the best ways and means of achieving educational goals on the basis of technological approach to the teaching process and explain its legitimacy.


Vocational training methodology

It teaches the organization of vocational training, ways of evaluating skills and skills, organization of professional activities, and professional orientation of students.


Contempopary  technologies of education

As a result of the study of the contemporary technology of teaching, future teachers of vocational training are equipped with knowledge of the theoretical foundations of сteaching technology, knowledge, skills and skills necessary for effective organization of the educational process will have.


Methods of teaching special subjects

This course is designed to provide the students with the knowledge and skills necessary for the organization and implementation of educational and training activities in the field of education, which are fully developed, modern-day education in the field of agricultural and water management, vocational education, and as a teacher of professional education who can deeply sense the idea of national independence, our national and universal values, and integrate them into the content of education.


Methods of educational work

Students are provided with a comprehensive explanation of pedagogical techniques, pedagogical skills of the teacher, speech technique and culture, methods of educational influence.


International education system

The global education system is to study and analyze contemporary pedagogical phenomena, to compare the system of foreign education, to identify the leading principles of education and upbringing of the younger generation, and to identify the ways of their development.


Practical training methodology

An important task of the methodology of practical vocational training is to make sure that every professional training professional who is involved in the vocational training process understands the essence of the vocational training process, knows the skills of vocational training, the essence of vocational education, its integration with the theoretical sciences and production, the types of practices and their characteristics, the structure of occupations, the methods of teaching and production practices in the educational process to form practical professional knowledge, skills and skills.


Master’s school


Pedagogical technologies and pedagogical skills (masters school)

Studying the theoretical foundations of pedagogical technologies and pedagogical skills for the scientific and pedagogical activity will be studied.


Methods of teaching special subjects

(masters school)

Studying special subjects will study the issues of using, learning and application of advanced innovative methods for scientific pedagogical activity.