There is a Students` Cluble "Meliorator" at the department. The head of this circle is: assistant of the department Yulchiev Davron. More than 16 gifted students take part in the circle. Gifted students published 37 scientific articles in cooperation with their scientific teachers in the Republican scientific journals and collections of conferences in higher educational institutions.

Scientific topics at the Students` Circle "Meliorator"

1. Modern water-saving technologies.

2. Technologies for increasing yields on saline lands.

3. Drip irrigation of gardens and vineyards.

4. Improvement of surface-irrigation.

5. Meliorative zoning of agricultural lands.

6. Technology of cotton irrigation on screened furrows.

7. Use of collector-drainage and waste water in irrigation of agricultural crops and washing of saline lands.

8. Improving the management of water resources using GIS technology.

9. Introduction of the tray and closed irrigation set on the irrigated territory.

10. Measures to prevent salinization of lands.

11. Drip irrigation technology.

12. Technologies of irrigation of agricultural crops.

13. Improvement of drainage sets.

14. Improvement of irrigation sets.

15. Irrigation with flexible irrigation hoses.

16. Water resources management by ICT.

17. Improvement of irrigation systems.

18. Sub-irrigation as a water-saving method of irrigation.

19. Increase of useful work coefficient of Water Users Association`s irrigation sets.

Schedule of the Circle "Meliorator"





Irrigation and Melioration