Cooperative works with the other water-industrial organisations are organized in the department. It has signed contracts with a lot of agricultural and water-industrial organizations. For example: 

1. Scientific-research Institute of Irrigation and Water problems.

2. HYDROPROJECT Organization.

Representatives of the project organisations joined State Attestation Commission on the base of joint-agreement on cooperation. Masters gain essential information for their dissertation and learn the subjects “Organising Management” and “Best experiences of masters` dissertation”.

Moreover, there are other cooperative works with some institutions and colleges:

  • Tashkent Institute of Architectural Construction; 100011 Таshkent city, Navoi street, 13. Tel.: (8 371) 235-43-30.
  • Chirchik Higher Tank-Command-Engineering School; 111715, Тashkent region, Chirchik city, Amir Timur street, 15.                  
  • High Technical School on Fire Safety of the Department of Inner Works of the Republic of Uzbekistan; 100102, Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, Sergely district, Dustlik street, 5. Теl.: (8 371) 258-35-33.
  • Tashkent Region Pedagogical College; 100187, Мirzo Ulugbek district, Temur Malik street, 112. Теl.: (8 371) 265-98-91.
  • Republican Medical College №2; Tashkent city, Shayhontokhur district, Turkkurgon street, 9. Tel.: 226-50-68, 226-70-66,
  • Buka Agroindustrial and Transport College; 110600, Buka city, A.Ikromov street, 39. Tel.: (8-370) 573-50-77.
  • Bukhara Irrigation and Melioration College; Bukhara city, Gazli street, 32. Tel.: 225-20-48, 225-21-41.