History of the department

Head of the department «Physics and chemistry».

PhD Sapaev Ibrokhim Bayramdurdievich

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The Department of Physics began its activity in 1934. The first chief of the department, was one of the more experienced teacher P.Gorbachev. From 1949 to 1971 the department was headed by professor N.Zokirov. In 1971-1983 academic years candidate of physical and mathematical sciences V.Masagutov, in 1983-1997 docent G.Mukhamedov led the department. During these years, 14 candidate works and 1 doctoral work were defended at the department. In 1961 there were only 5 candidates of sciences, in 1994 their number reached 16.

In 1938 the department of "Soil Science and Chemistry" was established. Until 1947, N.Bogdanovich and L.Rozov had led the department. In 1947-1956 – doctor of chemical sciences Y.Tashpulatov, in 1956-1969 – senior teacher S.Ibrokhimov, in 1969-1983 – professor N.Maksudov, in 1983-1988 – professor S.Najmiddinov, in 1988-1991 – professor S.Iskandarov, in 1991-1994 – docent Kosolapova headed the department. In 1994, September 1, the departments "Physics" and "Chemistry" have joined and started to be called "General Physics and Chemistry". The members of the department directed all their opportunities to increase the knowledge and skills of students in physics and chemistry. Since May, 1997 docent Z.Karimov began to manage the department "General Physics and Chemistry". Since 2000, the department "General Physics and Chemistry" has been divided into the departments "Physics" and "Chemistry". Docent Z.Karimov was appointed as a head of the department "Physics" and academician S.Iskandarov as a head of the department "Chemistry". Since September 2004, the departments of "Physics and chemistry" merged, and was formed the department of "Physics and Chemistry". The head of the department became prof. Z.Karimov. Over these years, the department executed a number of teaching and research works. In September 2017, Associate Professor Norov Sh. was appointed head of the department. In the second half of the 2017-2018 academic year, associate professor Khodzhibekov S.N. became the head of the department. From the beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year, the head of the department of physics and chemistry has been appointed Toshmurodov Y.K. The methodical work of the department is aimed at improving the teaching of physics and chemistry in higher educational institutions. Currently, the department employs 15 people, out of 11 faculty members and 4 technicians. From the beginning of the 2019-2020 academic year, the head of the department was assigned to PhD IB Sapaev.

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