Head of the department

Norkobilov Mukhiddin Najimovich

Tel.: +99871-237-19-41

Email: m.norqobilov@tiiame.uz



Because of the lack of specialists in physical culture, the teachers of the Military Department of the institute P.Kravchenko and G.Shenin were responsible for teaching students on physical culture and conducting general sports affairs. In 1948, the Department of "Physical Culture and Sports" was established in TIIM, and E.Lelyakova was the first head of the department (1948-1949). Further A.Korobeynikov (1949-1952), U.Egorov (1952-1956), V.Kurlyand (1956-1960), K.Djuraev (1961-1964), V.Mikhailov (1965-1968), A.Agzamov (1969-1972), A.Bazarov (1973-1980), P.Lysenko (1980-1981), B.Ibragimov (1982-1986), G.Nurmukhamedov (1987-1988), P.Donchenko (1989-2010), A.Khodjanov (2010-2011), and B.Ikramov (2011-2012) worked in the post of the head of department. Since 2012, M.Norkobilov has been working as a head of the department.

The department has a huge scientific and pedagogical potential. At the present time, the head of the department M.Norkobilov, docent A.Khodjanov, assistant teachers J.Kalibaev, L.Kudratova, V.Mahmudov and S.Zarifov successfully work at the department.

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