Scientific research work at the department

Theme of scientific research works

Brief information about the aims and tasks of the research


Working out of innovatsionn-pedagogical technologies on mass sports for support of the presented students-youth of institute

To publish the manual, the monography, scientific articles, methodical the grant.

To raise at students physical readiness and to generate at them physical qualities (dexterity, flexibility, speed, ваносливость, force).

To participate in the sports meets spent in republican and in city scales, and to reach good results.


Purpose НИР: In scientific activity of chair performance scientifically works has an important role and to apply them in the course of study, creation at students of a system complex of knowledge of theoretical bases and practical skills for realisation of their requirements for a life and sports competitions, and certainly to work with the presented students-sportsmen. The main our purpose-participation of our students in republican city sports competitions to show good results, to lift honour of our institute on the highest level, and also by means of physical culture and sports to bring up and generate physical training at the student, to develop important professional physical qualities.  

Problems: - education of requirement for physical self-improvement and in a healthy way of life, formation of system of theoretical knowledge and practical abilities in the field of physical training, maintenance of necessary level of is professional-applied physical preparation of the future experts including physical readiness, тренированность, development of professionally significant physical qualities and psychomotor abilities, high-grade use of means of physical training for preventive maintenance of diseases, preservations, strengthening and mastering by abilities on self-checking in the course of sports employment, inclusion of students in active fizkulturno-sports activity on development of values of physical training and acquisition of experience of its use in an all-around development of the person.


In "Universiada-2019" who was spent in the city of Tashkent, students of our institute became owners 6 gold, 5 серебренных, 8 bronze medals on sports of track and field athletics, table tennis, белбогли кураш and on football.

In “League of students” which was spent in the city of Tashkent among HIGH SCHOOLS, the national team "Irrigator" has won superiority and became the owner of a cup.